She lived between a rocky landscape and the wind, somewhere in the south of Brittany. It's here, in that set up where the sea and the sky make one that Florence Guillemain made her first step as a photographer. A few years later, she obtained a diploma graduate in the school of photography, ETPA in Toulouse. A photojournalism training at Emi/CFD in Paris will help her to make a carreer in press magazine for 8 years as a free lance. She made lot of differents subjects. Fascinate by subject of society, Florence like to try new things and she is able to work in the same week in a hospital, to take picture in a 5 star hotel or to take portraits for a famous magazine. On holiday in Mauritius in 2003, she met the man who will become her husband. Today, mother of a little Lou and living on this island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, she works from different media. She also sometimes write texts.

Cécile Castilla, journalist.

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